Yes, you have made it to our home page!

Yes, this is our new place to call home.

This website is intended for a few things:

  • To document all of the ups (and downs) that come with quitting real life
  • ┬áSo that our parents know we are alive and well
  • To allow us to take our friends and family on this journey
  • Something to help us keep up with all the experiences

We’re sure you are now wondering what does “No Lines In The Sand” stand for.

When you look up the metaphor “draw a line in the sand”, you will see a few similar meanings:

  • To create a real or artificial boundary
  • A point beyond which one proceeds no further
  • To indicate the level at which something will become unacceptable or will provoke a response
  • To set boundaries in order to fulfill, and not surpass, society’s expectations

(Well that last one might just be our definition)

We want to continue to break the boundaries. We want to immerse ourselves in opportunities we never imagined to experience. We have checked the boxes up until this point, and by boxes we mean societal dictum of what you “should have” achieved by now as someone in their early twenties.

But now we want to break the mold, jump into a daring adventure, and create a new path for ourselves.