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How to let your kids fly/swim!

Since the girls are blogging about moving to an island I thought I would tell my side of how you encourage your children to move to an island. Well let me just say it is not easy. I once heard a message from family advisor Charles Dobson about disciplining children. “Not disciplining your kids is like sending them across a bridge that does not have railings.” So Mark and I decided to give our kids railings for years. There were boundaries that the kids knew existed and were expected to stay within. With each year those railings were definitely lowered, and eventually we had young adults. But when these special young ladies said they wanted to move to an island, I honestly didn’t think they could cross that bridge (that is basically a rope swing hanging between two trees). I should have known better 1) because they love the ocean 2) because I taught them to love the ocean and 3) because I had tried to teach and show them that there is a big world out there with lots of amazing people and places. Well that being said, the easiest part was deciding that it was okay for my children to move to an island.

The hard part was telling my mom, moving them home, and then organizing their stuff just in case its years before they come back.   Also helping them quit their jobs, even though you had worked all there lives teaching them not to be quitters, preparing for the big day, and packing. Oh the packing was enough to make me want to ship them to an island for sure. How do you take years of shopping at TJMaxx and sales at Belks (and of course Katie had all of her Kohl’s stuff) into one suitcase? You don’t. You give them a suitcase each with a weight limit of 60 pounds and tell them that this obstacle is the only thing standing between them and their dream. Then there are the goodbyes. As sweet as it is witnessing that so many people love your children, the goodbyes are so wearing.


By now I am physically and mentally exhausted and we’ve yet to put them on a plane. There is also the fear of the unknown. No jobs and nowhere for to them to live makes for a very nervous mom. But then a very special thing happened. Those amazing people in those amazing places in the world came through. Whether it was a girl we met when we visited St. John or a friend made through Facebook or a family we went to church with or even a friend of a friend, these people started reaching out to my girls from St. John to S.C. Offering to pick them up from the airport, to take them to church, to just be there for them if they were to need anything. Those amazing people are waiting on my girls with arms wide open ready to make the island home for them. Even though it is still very scary and there are still a lot of uncertainties, I knew without a doubt that this adventure was going to make my girls into young women who will be passionate, caring, and reaching. I know they already posses these traits but this move will take them to the next level. They will live life with more compassion for others especially those who are new to an area, or new to a job or who are just far from home. They won’t ever go back to the world of normality. So now I honestly can’t wait to put them on SPIRIT flight because it is so fitting…that is exactly what my children have…SPIRIT!!!!


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  1. How I loved reading your Mom’s perspective & how beautifully she put it into words! Proud of both of you girls & your Mom and Dad! Amazing life adventure 🙂

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