Dare to Jump

Have you ever teetered between the most exciting and exhilarating experience you can imagine and the fear of leaving absolutely everything that is familiar to you behind?  Allowing yourself to be open to the endless possibilities of change while mentally straying from the path that you had always seen your life moving towards.

I imagine it is pretty similar to sky diving. Standing with your toes just over the edge of the safe and secure plane trying to convince yourself that you will be okay if you jump. Your daring side cannot wait to have this thrill that will surely make you feel more alive in a few free moments than you have had in your entire life. Alternatively, there is the “smart” side of your brain, we may even refer to that as logic, which reminds you there is a far less risky way to arrive safely on the ground. The familiar way where you sit back in the seat you have ridden in before and stay on track, compromising the thrill in order to eliminate the risk.


I feel as if I am currently hovering one foot over thin air. I have visited, talked about it endlessly, and even purchased a one way ticket (this is the big one). I have pretty much made the decision to physically jump, although mentally I am paralyzed with fear. I want to make the jump knowing that once this transformation is complete, I will have proven to myself that I have few limitations in life.

 However, that is the exact thing I am scared of. As thrilling as it is to say, “Well, what if you never come back?”, it’s equally as terrifying to think, “What if you never come back?”. What if your imagination struggles to help you visualize what an entirely new life may look like? It could be that this jump into a new journey means your life will never be the same again.


One thought on “Dare to Jump

  1. The big day has finally arrived! Wow! This already smacks of a bestselling novel. You definitely have the writing knack and know how to engage your readers from the very beginning, leaving them drooling for more. I can’t wait to read the next chapter! I will be thinking of you two and praying for your success and happiness. Love you! 💕😘

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