When you move anywhere away from home you expect to experience many firsts. Some of which may include: finding a new apartment, building a new friend group, and adjusting to a brand new environment.


But when you move to an island, the “firsts” are more than magnified. Here are some of the challenging firsts we have experienced in a weeks time! First time without a car, without a home, and learning what the phrase couch surfing means. Oh did I mention hitchhiking? Yeah, that’s actually a pretty good way to get around here. As far as creatures go, we have a combined total of 70 something mosquito bites, have been woken up almost every morning by a rooster alarm clock, and scared endlessly by lizards. (Seriously some of them look like full on dinosaurs) And this heat, well let’s just say it makes you feel as if you are actually melting. All of this combined has also resulted in quite a few meltdowns, thoughts of coming home, and the realization of knowing this is exactly what we asked for.


Sounds like paradise huh? To be honest, it has been pretty stressful. Moving somewhere where nothing is like home is anything but easy.


But then there are the other firsts we have experienced. Like our first boat trip to Jost Van Dyke, which consisted of an open bar, a white beach, and some Soggy Dollar painkillers.  We have officially learned that islanders do not limit happy to just an hour, although the drink specials call for quite the congregation. We have hiked trails together that led to beautiful beaches. We have met the most incredible people that put southern hospitality to shame. We have been to a church (right on the beach) that will make you want to sit front row every Sunday. This is our first time having to be truly open to anything and everything and we couldn’t have asked for better people to share this with.


The realization set it that we are so lucky to have each other, because I am not sure that either one of us could have done it alone. So this is also the first time we have been completely dependent on each other,and there isn’t anyone else we would want to be on this crazy adventure with.


Anyways, we are headed to the beach to swim with sea turtles. (another first)




3 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. Beautiful writing from beautiful girls. We love you and are so proud of you both. Keep on ‘Blazing the Trail’ or as we told Katie before – Keep on jumping off of those lighthouses 🙂

  2. We are so proud of both of you. I guess we’ll be checking prices to fly to St. John. Don’t worry, not anytime soon. Love both of you so much.

  3. You can and will be successful! You can do this…..any svhools on the island….saw where islands are hiring college graduates to teach even without teaching certificate….just a thought…..perfect job and place will come along at the right time…..fins up!

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