We sat in our living room last night with a note book, two fans blowing, and a glass of wine and decided to make a list of what we are thankful for/ miss in the states and what we are thankful for here on St. John. (No tears were shed in the making of these list… That’s progress)
Marci’s list for back home began with her dog, her family, and friends. She also missed her car, being able to drive to different cities and just driving in general. Marci hasn’t driven since we moved here. Her list continued with the dollar menu, tailgating, her office, the fall season, zaxby’s, and watching the bachelor in the living room with her best friend and our parents.
Her list for what she was thankful for here started with Katie and our best friend on the island, Carly. She has become another sister to both of us. She also is thankful for “$3 dollars, you call it” a happy hour here at a bar called Joe’s where for three dollars you can order ANY drink (top shelf, bottom shelf, specialty drinks, ANYTHING). It’s pretty much our favorite spot from 4-6pm. She loves the boat trips, the adventure days, and the turtles. The challenges we have faced and the way we have grown is something she is very thankful for. This one is funny… She loves the fact she always has a good picture to share on Instagram. A few others were Barefoot Cowboy’s food, our apartment, Twerk and Tone,  the welcoming people, and our family and friends support.
Katie started her list for back home with family and friends. She misses draft beer, having a big variety of restaurants, having more than one pillow to sleep on, and watching her favorite tv shows before she goes to bed. She also misses her car and being able to travel, even if it’s just a quick trip to a different city. She also misses having a big team at work to interact and have fun with. Oh yeah, and not being eaten alive by misquotes and air conditioning!
 But boy her list of thankfulness for here… We will cut it short. First she is thankful for Marci, Carly, and Anthony (Carly’s boyfriend that allows Katie to have “bro” days with him), our island parents Ashley and Shaun ( they look more like our aunt and uncle). She is thankful for the simplicity of island life and the absence of stress. She is very thankful for her job, her freedom, and even her walk to work. Of course no one is surprised to hear she is thankful for the ocean, nature, and snorkeling. We will wrap it up with the familiar faces you see each day,  friends, happy hour, the boat trips, the island lifestyle of no make up, salty hair, and endless beach days.
Every thanksgiving we would wake up and walk across the street to our grandma’s house. This is the home where the family would gather to eat, drink, and be thankful together. This year we will still wake up and definitely be walking… But with a bit of a different agenda. We will be making two dishes, walking 30 minutes to one of our favorite restaurants on island, the Barefoot Cowboy (they have SWEET tea) and joining a group of our friends. These friends were all strangers to us a month ago, yet now hold some of the biggest places in our hearts.
We want to also thank all of you for continuing to follow, encourage, and support us throughout this transition. We are extremely grateful for the continuous text, calls, and care packages we have received. They definitely keep a smile on our faces! We have had an incredible thanksgiving and we have so much to be thankful for!!

2 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Enjoyed the comment of being thankful for the Sweet tea at the Barefoot cowboy :). What a great name although these Texas Cowboys live their boots! Even the Cowgirls wear them with dresses!
    Glad you are having these experiences & how it puts everything in such perspective. Your updates are so insightful & wonderful to read! Lots of love from Your family in Dallas Texas!

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